The idea of weddings has come a long way, even though they have been there for more than a millennium. In the past, most brides expected to have their nuptials in their homes, and there were even periods when wearing a white dress was not even seen as a “thing." Vintage-inspired designs continue to make waves down the aisle even today; products have advanced, but these looks are eternal. Simple and sweet? Bold and sultry? O'natural? These beauty trends stem from a century of women trying for the ideal beat on their perfect day.


The trend of wedding ceremonies started to take shape in the 1800s, which is when marriage was first seen as more of a personal choice. But, weddings were very different in those days from what they are today; most brides had private ceremonies attended by just themselves, their groom, and both sets of parents at one set of parents' house, and the bride would be officially recognized for her nuptials the following Sunday at church. Brides also did not buy dresses for their weddings; instead, they wore their best dress, which often happened to be a dark color because it doubled as funeral clothing.

While upper class weddings were still small and private, they started to resemble the modern weddings in the early 1800s. In contrast to her contemporaries, Queen Victoria of Britain married Prince Albert in a satin white gown in the 1840s, and since then, brides sought out white dresses for their weddings. Previously, wearing a white gown for your wedding was reserved for the wealthy, but it was also starting to become popular among the middle class.

By the end of the 1800s, the wedding industry as we know it today took shape, and weddings that would have taken place at homes started to take place in churches. Because these larger venues could hold more guests, brides needed to put on a larger "show." Brides were no longer making their own dresses; instead, they were looking for seamstresses or buying ready-made gowns. Bakers and florists made the cakes and floral arrangements that would have been made at home; by the 1900s, brides were exclusively turning to professionals to arrange their weddings.

Tips for long lasting bridal makeup

1. Prime for Your Skin Type:

Makeup primer is the best way to ensure that your makeup look lasts through an entire day of wedding activities. If you do not wear primer the other 364 days of the year, your wedding day is not the time to skip it. Spending a few extra minutes smoothing on primer before applying the rest of your face makeup could make a big difference in how long your look lasts and how easily your makeup applies.

2. Apply a Long-Wearing Foundation :

Wearing a foundation that provides long-lasting coverage is essential if you want to look flawless from the start to the end of your wedding. Look for something that has a natural finish and will not transfer throughout the day. To brighten your under-eye area and cover up imperfections, mix your long-wearing foundation with a full-coverage concealer

3. Set With Powder:

Setting long-wear liquid foundations with a face powder will extend their wear time. Choose a light powder to prevent looking overly makeup-applied; dab a fluffy makeup brush into translucent powder and use it all over your face, paying particular attention to your T-zone, which is the area most likely to become oily throughout the day.

4. Add Dimension and Color With Powder Blush and Contour:

Cream blush and contour products are our favorite when we are trying to pull off the ever-trendy no-makeup makeup look, but they are not quite right for long-lasting bridal makeup because they tend to fade and not last as long as powder-based products. Fortunately, it is easy to switch out any creams you were planning to use for powder alternatives. Look for a neutral or cool-toned powder for your contour that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone. The neutral tone should never look gray on the skin, unlike cool-toned contour, which might occasionally look that way. To enhance the look of your skin without being gaudy, use a blush that has a powder mix that can be blended and with a trace of glitter.

5. Prime Your Eyes Before Eyeshadow:

A waterproof eye pencil is a great tool to have on hand for creating a long-wearing, waterproof base for your eyeshadow. For your lids, a smokey eye moment is a great way to achieve the perfect balance of light and dark shades for that iconic, sultry blending. If you want to add more shimmer to your makeup, layer it on top of your foundation for a shimmery finish.

6. Opt for a Matte Lipstick :

The likelihood of needing to reapply lipstick on your wedding day is high; the question is how often. Use a lip liner that can also be used as a lipstick for a comfortable, velvety matte finish. This will make application quick and simple. Choose a sample that comes in a variety of shades so you can wear a bold, red lip on your big day, or a pink lip. For a liquid formula that will stay put for hours, try something that offers intense pigment and wears for up to 16 hours.

7.Finish With Makeup Setting Spray

The ultimate step in applying makeup can significantly impact how long-lasting your look is; lock in your makeup with a few spritzes of the Setting Spray for the ideal finishing touch. While wearing a face full of long-wear makeup products is a great way to prolong the life of your makeup look, it is not the only thing you can do.


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