Since both men and women have worn makeup for centuries, even though the styles have undoubtedly changed dramatically over time, it is interesting to examine the history of makeup in order to better understand the ever-evolving trends in cosmetics.

Makeup dates back to 6000 BCE, when the Egyptians invented it. They did this because they thought that makeup was next to godliness and that it appealed to the Gods. Since makeup was available to all in Egypt at the time, it was more the applicators and storage containers that symbolized a person's wealth than the makeup itself. Many impoverished peasants used sticks and clay pots to store and apply their makeup, while the wealthy had access to elaborately crafted boxes and ivory applicators.

When makeup became popular in ancient Greece and Rome around 4000 BCE, the goal was to achieve a more "natural" look. Women wore subtle blush and lip colors made from plants or fruits dyed with lead-based pigments and mercury (now known to be toxic). They also occasionally wore light powder foundations, but for the most part, they used honey and olive oil in their skincare products to ensure that their natural skin was flawless.

Between 3000 BCE and 600 CE, Chinese royalty used nail polish to denote their social status; upper class leaders wore silver or gold, lower class leaders wore black or red, and the lower classes were not allowed to wear any nail polish at all. In the middle of the 600s, Chinese women started to set themselves apart from the working class by donning strong red powder on their cheeks and darkening their eyebrows. They also started to use very light-colored foundations, which were typically made up of a very white powder.


Makeup methods have evolved over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the popular methods:

  • Matte Makeup
  • HD Makeup
  • Dewy Makeup
  • Nude Makeup
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Editorial Makeup
  • Celebrity Makeup
  • Permanent Makeup


Applying makeup successfully requires that you wash, exfoliate, and moisturize your face right away. Using a cream shadow or primer on the lids beforehand can ensure a smoother, more equal application of eye makeup and keep it fresh. The water-resistant liners mimic harder, more defined eyes and are more pigmented than standard kohl pencils, less messy than brush-on gels, and more flattering than harsh liquids or markers. Natural colors never go wrong: warm tones for dark eyes and cool tones for light eyes. Apply a brow pencil in feathery, tiny strokes that parallel the path of hair growth to keep it natural.


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